Satyanarayana Perumal Nanganallur

Satyanarayana Perumal Nanganallur

Vaishnavite Temples, Chennai District


Satyanarayana Perumal, facing west


Lakshmi along with Perumal

Other Gods

Garuda, Anjaneya, Senai Mudalvar, Nammazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Ramanujar, Manavala Mamunigal. In Rajarajeswari temple Dattatreya, Bhairava, Mahaganapati, Durga

Satyanarayana Perumal Nanganallur and Rajarajeswari Temples are together and connected. Actually the Rajarajeswari temple is older. The entrance to the perumal temple is from the west and the main entrance for the Rajarajeswari Temple is from the north. The specialty of the perumal temple is the Navagrahas which are not normally seen in perumal temples, that too installed north facing in a line on the sanctum sanctorum. The Rajarajeswari temple has 16 steps leading to the goddess shrine which are metal plated. As one climbs the steps on each side are installed 16 Dwaradevatas representing the phases of the waxing and waning moon. They are for waxing phase in the order of ascending steps – Dwaradevata, Kameswaridevi, Bagamalinidevi, Nityaklinnadevi, Paerundadevi, Vanhivasinidevi, Mahavajreswaridevi, Sivadhoodhidevi, Dwaritadevi, Kulasundaridevi, Nithyadevi, Neelabadagadevi, Vijayadevi, Sarvamangaladevi, Jwalamalinidevi, Chitradevi. And in reverse order for waning phase in the order of descending steps.

Holy water (Theertham) – Dattatreye Theertham, Varuna Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Magizham


The temple complex is said to be old but no historic information is available as of now. The structures of the temple and its location in a typical house clearly indicates modern constructions.


Satyanarayana Perumal Nanganallur and Rajarajeswari temples existed in the times of Sage Agastya, who according to the temple administration, has stayed here and rendered 16 hymns which give the specialty of the 16 steps and in each of which one hymn is seen. Thirumoolar has stayed here and has mentioned this temple and the goddess as ‘Aedangai Nangai’. This subsequently was known as Nangai Nallur and now as Nanganallur.


If you are approaching from the Inner ring road take the 23rd street opposite to the Adambakkam Railway Station, cross the 2nd Main Road of Nanganallur and proceed on 16th street to reach Satyanarayana Perumal Nanganallur. Ask for Rajarajeswari temple for better guidance. Beware of taking cars near the temple as there is no parking facility.

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