Navatirupati 8 - Thirukolur

108 Divya Desams - Thoothukudi


Vaithamanidhi Perumal (also called Nikshebavithan), facing east


Kumuthavalli, Koloorvalli, facing east

Other Deities

Garuda, Yoga Narasimha, Azhwars, Vishwaksenar, Ramanujar

Thirukolur is the eighth of the Nava Tirupati Temples to be seen in one day. The Navatirupati temples represent the nine planets and Thirukolur is that of Sevvai (Mars). Thirukolur is a large east-facing temple with a topless gopuram at the entrance. There are some excellent small carvings all around this structure. There is a beautiful 4 pillared mandapam in front of this gopuram. The gopuram leads into the outer Prakaram through a long mandapam. The outer Prakaram is a large tree-filled area. The next Prakaram is entered through a gateway. This Prakaram has two goddesses shrines in the southeast and northwest corners. There is a nice cowshed (Goshala) on the northern side of the Prakaram. In the northeast corner is the shrine of Manavala Mamunigal. The innermost Prakaran is entered through another doorway and houses the beautiful large Sanctum Sanctorum for the main deity. The Lord here is a large idol reclining on the bed created by the multiheaded serpent Adisesha. He is said to be reclining on top of the Wealth of Kubera, guarding it. His face is looking at his left hand. His head is resting on a wooden measure as the pillow. The details in this idol, like the nerves on the feet, are amazing.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Kubera Theertham, Tamiriparani River

Vimaanam – Sreekara Vimaanam


Nammazhwar (c. 8th Century CE) has visited and sung praises of this Lord. Thirukolur is also the birthplace of Madurakavi Azhwar (c. 8th Century CE). There are several Inscriptions around the sanctum sanctorum here at Thirukolur relating to contributions by various Kings. Many of the inscriptions are undecipherable. The earliest one (1009 CE) seems to be one that corresponds to the period of Rajaraja Chola I and refers to the king as Rajarajakesari Rajaraja. This should have been after the defeat of the Pandyas. Inscriptions of Jatavarman Chola Pandyan and Maravarman Sundara Pandyan (regnal years 1216 – 1238 CE) mention the deity as Jalasayanathuk Kidandharulina Emberuman (the one who is reclining in water) and the town as Uloka Chintamanunallur. Inscriptions here also talk about various contributions made to the Chera Chola Pandeeswarar temple behind.


Kubera, the god of wealth, and Madurakavi Azhwar (one of the 12 Azhwars) were blessed with the Lord’s Darshan here. Once Kubera lost all his wealth for showing disrespect to Goddess Parvati. She told him that all his wealth will be preserved under the reclining form of Lord Vishnu here in Thirukolur. He roamed around and finally came here, fell at the Lord’s feet, and begged for forgiveness. The Lord blessed him and he got back his old glory, wealth, and powers. This is also the place where Dharma Devata (Fairy of Dharma – righteousness) used to pray regularly. When the evil forces of Adharma (opposite of Dharma) came to disturb her but was defeated. Thus this place is also called Adharma Pisunam.


Thirukolur is 3.5 kilometers southeast of Azhwar Thirunagari off the road going to Thenthiruperai.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest for stay and food is Tirunelveli.

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