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Anjaneyar, Namakkal

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Anjaneya, facing east

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Anjaneyar Namakkal is a famous east-facing temple with an idol of Anjaneya that is 18 feet tall and considered as the largest in a temple. A huge Mukha Mandapam extends inside as the Mahamandapam is seen from outside. On top of this Mukha Mandapam’s center facade are the images of Lord Narasimha and his consort Mahalakshmi. On top of the left and right facades of the Mukha Mandapam are Rama with Lakshmana and Sita and a reclining Renganadar. On the right side as you face the entrance is the shrine of Vinayaka. In the center is a large gate that leads inside, kept open only on special occasions. Otherwise, the entrance is through a small gate on the left that leads to the main deity through barricades to regulate the visitors. The lord is visible from outside itself. He is seen in a majestic standing posture with his tail coming just above the head with a bell tied at the end. He is seen with glaring round eyes, canine teeth protruding out, hands together in worship facing Lord Narasimha in the opposite Namagiri Thaayar temple, a prayer string in hands, and a sword at the waist. He is seen without a roof above his head. On the opposite side, on the hill is the Kamalalayam Tank where there is another old Anjaneya idol that is about 5 feet tall.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Kamalalayam Tank on the hill

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


The idol of Anjaneyar Namakkal is considered old and dated to the same time as the Namagiri Thaayar temple on the opposite side. Further historical information is not available as of now.


Narasimha, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, took up the form to destroy the Asura Hiranyakashipu who had safeguarded his life through various boons. The Narasimha Avatar overcame all the conditions and killed him. Goddess Mahalakshmi was performing penance here when Anjaneya passed above carrying a Saligrama stone he had found in the Gandaki River in Nepal. He was returning after keeping the Sanjeevi Hill back in its original position. He wanted to have a bath. Anjaneya left the stone in her custody till he came back. Mahalakshmi accepted it telling him that she will keep it down if he was late. Anjaneya was late in coming back, the stone was getting heavier and she kept it down. It kept getting larger and formed the hill. Anjaneya returned to see the miracle and both of them were blessed with the vision of Lord Narasimha. Anjaneya decided to remain here at Anjaneyar Namakkal temple and at the Kamalalayam tank in the hill.


Anjaneyar Namakkal is in the center of Namakkal Town on the west side of Namagiri Hill. Namakkal is about 50 kilometers south of Salem, 50 kilometers southeast of Erode, and 85 kilometers northwest of Thiruchirapalli.

Stay and Food

Namakkal has a few places for stay and food. Hotel Ananda Bhavan in the street opposite the Anjaneyar Namakkal temple is an old place that serves decent food.

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