Balasubramanyan Ayikudi

Balasubramanyan, Ayikudi

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Balasubramanyan, facing east



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Naagar with Shiva Parvati carving, Vinayaka, Nandi, Anjaneya

Balasubramanyan Ayikudi is a small east-facing temple with a single Prakaram The entrance is through a small gopuram. This is followed by a pillared corridor. The prakaram has cloistered Mandapams around it. Lord Muruga appears here among 5 trees and 5 gods. The trees are Arasu (Peepal tree – Surya), Vembu (Neem tree – Ambika), Kariveppilai (Curry leaves tree – Mahesha), Madhulai (Pomegranate – Ganesha), and Mavilangu (Crateva magna – Vishnu). The idol is said to be installed on top of the grave of a Sanyasi. Both the main deity and the processional deity are identical. The idol is a young baby-faced Muruga, with four hands holding Vajram, Shaktivel, and lower hand showing Abhaya Mudra blessing the devotees. He is on a Padma Peedam (Lotus base) with a Peacock on his left. Outside in the north the Hanuman River right next to the temple. Also outside are shrines for Bala Karuppuswamy and Chintamani Vinayaka.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Hanuman River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Madhulai (Pomegranate – Punica granatum)


Balasubramanyan Ayikudi is an old temple where the idol was under a coconut leaf canopy till 1931. The temple was under the administration of the Travancore Kings till 1947.


Hanuman is believed to have rested on the banks of this river on his way to Lanka, hence the river was named Hanuman Nathi. A devotee called Mallan is believed to have found the Idol of Lord Muruga in the River and installed it on top of the grave of a Sanyasi on the shores of Hanuman the River. A Peepal Tree was planted at the spot giving rise to the temple at Balasubramanyan Ayikudi.


Balasubramanyan Ayikudi is about 7 kilometers north of Tenkasi. Also at Ayikudi are Shiva and Vishnu Temples.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea shops. Closest is Tenkasi.

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