Jambukeswarar Narthamalai

Jambukeswarar, Narthamalai

Saivite Temples, Pudhukottai District


Jambukeswarar, facing east


Akhilandeswari, facing south

Other Deities

No information

Jambukeswarar Narthamalai is an east facing temple with main entrance on the east. The goddess shrine comes first as you enter and is a large south facing structure. There is a small gate in the south of this shrine. The sanctum sanctorum of the main deity is entered through another gate. This is located in a single Prakaram and faces east. The architecture of both the sanctum and the goddess shrine are similar.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Jambukeswarar Narthamalai is said to be several hundred years old. It is also evident from its architecture, but historical information is not available as of now.


A Chola King who ruled these parts used to go often to Thiruvanaikovil near Thiruchirapalli to have darshan of Lord Jambukeswara. Once when the flooded Cauvery River blocked his passage, the lord appeared in his dream and asked him to build a temple here at Jambukeswarar Narthamalai with the same name for the deity.


Jambukeswarar Narthamalai is about 15 kilometers north of Pudukottai on the road leading to Thiruchirapalli. This area is before Keeranur. Important Jain Beds and other historic temples are in this area. All are nearby and you can combine them in a single trip – Vijalaya Choleeswaram, Kadambar Koil, Aaluruttimalai Jain beds, Rock Art and a few more.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest would be Thiruchirapalli and Pudukottai.

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