Sivanthiappar Vikramasingapuram

Sivanthiappar, Vikramasingapuram

Saivite Temples - Tirunelveli District


Sivanthiappar, facing east


Vazhiadimaikonda Nayaki, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, Navagraha, Sivasubramanian, Mangayarkarasi. Inner Prakaram – Dakshnimaurthy, Kannimoola Vinayaka, Muruga with consorts, Chandikeswara, Saneeswarar, Nataraja, Bhairava, Chandran, Suryan, Adhikara Nandi, Durga, Saptha Madar, Naalvar

Sivanthiappar Vikramasingapuram is a large temple with 2 Prakarams. A large 5 tiered Rajagopuram is at the entrance in the east. This is followed by an open courtyard with the Balipeedam, Nandi and flagstaff. On the left and right of the entrance to the outer Prakaram are Vinayaka and Muruga with consorts respectively. This is followed by the Maha Mantapam and the inner Prakaram which is completely covered. A rain water harvesting system had existed in this temple in the olden days itself though they have been destroyed in later days. Remnants were pointed out by the priest. The temple is beautifully maintained and well kept. The Nayak kings Sivanthiappa and Muthuveera Nayak are in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum of the lord in praying position. In the shrine of Arumuga his consorts are not by his side as usual but facing each other in front, praying to him.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilwam (Aegle marmelos)


Sivanthiappar Vikramasingapuram was built by one of the Nayak Kings, Sivanthiappa Nayak (1650’s CE), using stones available from this area.


No information


Sivanthiappar Vikramasingapuram is 7 kilometers west of Ambasamudram. Ambasamudram is about 40 kilometers west of Tirunelveli.

Stay and Food

None locally except snack and tea shops. Closest is Ambasamudram for food and stay.

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