Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram

Koppukonda Perumal, Chinnammasamudram

Vaishnavite Temples - Salem District


Koppukonda Raya Perumal, facing east


Mahalakshmi, facing east

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Anjaneya, Balasubramanian, Garuda

Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram is a beautiful hill temple that is reached by climbing about 1500 -2000 steps. It is at an elevation of about 500 meters. The climb over well laid out steps is quite stiff. The first part is absolutely straight up north and the steps are visible as a strip from afar. The next part takes a turn towards a northwest direction and finally towards the south to reach the temple. At the base is a shrine for Lord Vinayaka, followed by one for Anjaneya. Halfway up is a shrine for Lord Muruga as Balasubramanya. Near the temple is an Annadhana Mandapam followed by an Anjaneya idol facing north over the hills. Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram temple is built with two prakarams. The circumambulation path runs outside around the temple. The entrance inside is through a 3 tiered gopuram on the east side. This is followed by a mandapam, flagstaff,f and the sanctum sanctorum of the main deity. The inner prakaram is around the sanctum sanctorum. The place is lonely and peaceful most of the time except on festive days when the crowd is significant. There are said to be 3 caves on top. The view from the top is very nice on all sides. This hill is on the southern side of the Shervaroy Hills that tower behind.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Small pond at the top

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram is not a very old temple. The idol is said to have been discovered locally and the temple has been built.


The idol of the lord at Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram is said to have been found naturally on the hill and the temple was constructed.


Koppukonda Perumal Chinnammasamudram is about 2.5 kilometers north of Pethanaickenpalayam. Pethanaickenpalayam is about 40 kilometers east of Salem after crossing Vazhappadi on the road towards Kallakurichi.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest is the Kallakurichi to Salem highway and Salem.

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