Gowtameswarar Kaarai

Gowtameswarar, Kaarai

Saivite Temples - Vellore District


Gowtameswarar, facing east


Kirubambigai, facing south

Other Deities

Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara, Sage Gowtama

Gowtameswarar Kaarai is a small east facing temple. This is one of the Kshadaranya Kshetras in the region. The others are Athreeswarar Kudimallur, Agastheeswarar Vannivedu, Bharadwajeswarar Pudupadi, Vasishteswarar Veppur, Valmikeeswarar Melvisharam and Kashyapeswarar Avaraikadu. There are indications of a temple pond behind and also in front of Gowtameswarar Kaarai but we could not verify this. An idol of Sage Gowtama is installed facing the main deity which is said to be a swayambu (self occurring). The place was once filled with Karai (Canthium parviflorum) trees and hence the name of the village. The lord here is worshiped during Raaghu Kaalam.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree –¬†Karai (Canthium parviflorum) in ancient days. Presently Neem (Azadirachta indica)


Gowtameswarar Kaarai is as old as the other Kshadaranya Kshetram temples. Obviously the ancient temple has been lost and a new one has been built.


Sage Gowtama is believed to have installed the Lingam and worshiped the lord here at Gowtameswarar Kaarai. The lord is believed to have preached Sage Gowthama about rare medicinal plants and medicines here. Sage Gowthama is also believed to have been relieved of the curse of the killing of a Cow (though a Maya Cow). The lord is believed to have blessed Sage Gowthama’s wife Ahalya here.


From Ranipet proceed for about a kilometer on the Chittoor road and take the left at a fork to reach Gowtameswarar Kaarai.

Stay and Food

None locally, nearest is Ranipet

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