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I am an avid traveler, photographer, writer and documentary film maker with a keen interest in art, culture and heritage. What started several years back as a pilgrimage with my friend and associate in this project, Surendranath Arya, turned out to be a serious initiative and we started collecting data from various sources including the Government Census Department to build a list of temples in Tamilnadu which are at least 300 years old. We are in the constant process of updating the information and putting up the districts one by one to the extent completed. Though our list of these temples is exhaustive we are listing them here only after we visit and personally photograph them. The data collected are from the spot and, of course, from references including various newspapers, devotional magazines and sthala purana (temple history) books. We have consciously kept out the religious information pertaining to praying reasons, practices and methods since this website is only meant to be ‘The Travelers Guide to Temples of Tamilnadu’. The information provided are in a standard order, format and easy language as we want common people from around the world to explore these ancient treasures of our glorious land.

We welcome your inputs, suggestions and information to make this site better over time.

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Surendranath Arya

I am an insurance surveyor and investigator by profession. Around 1988, I was slowly drawn towards the devotion of Lord Krishna and took Sri Raghavendra Swami as my spiritual guru. From 1992 I had a series of opportunities to travel to the remote parts of Tamilnadu and almost all the villages that I visited had an old Siva or Vishnu temple. I started spending equal time in those temples as the time spent on my work.  There were so many days that I had to spend the mid-part of the day without work in these villages and only these temples provided me solace to shelter, rest and their lap to sleep without disturbance. Some of these temples are so huge and make you feel that you are nothing in this vast Universe. But a deeper logical thinking makes you understand that we humans are the ones who created them.
Please join me and experience history, the power of the omnipresent almighty and the bounty that is waiting to be showered on all of us.
E.Mail : milliongods.india@gmail.com
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