Amazing temples of Goa

Get a glimpse into the amazing temples of Goa!

Wonder of Somnathpura

The gods were so jealous of this wonder that they tried to lift it to the heavens!

Nava Nandi Temples

The little known 9 Temples of Nandyal that are to be visited in a particular order in a single day!

108 Divya Desams at Thiruvalla

Immerse yourself in the 1200 years history of these quaint little temples in Kerala!

The 12 great saints of Vaishnavism

The creators of the 4000 Divya Prabandhams, their lives and temples!

Nayanmars – the Hounds of Lord Shiva

Take a trip into the lives of the 63 saints of Saivism, the heroes of the Periyapuranam!

Travel, support and see the transformation!

The little bit of work we do goes a long way in reviving ancient temples.

The ancient land of Lord Ayyappa

Explore the glorious path taken by a small group of Sabarimala Pilgrims!

Splendour of Mahabalipuram

Take a day off to marvel at the awe-inspiring talent of the Pallava Sculptors!

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