Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore

Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore

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Kolavizhi Amman

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Ganesha, Muruga, Anjaneya, Sapthamadar, Bhadrakali, Arasadi Vinayakar, Veerabhadra

Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore is attached to the famous Kapaleeswarar Temple at Mylapore. This old temple has been renovated recently and presents a vibrant look, true to the activities that go on throughout the year particularly during the winter months of December-January.

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Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore is believed to be about more than 500 years old and existed even when when Mylapore was a separate village. The origins would have been as a Grama Devata. The Processional deity is considered very ancient and claimed to be from the Chola Era.


Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore was the Grama Devata (village guardian deity) when Mylapore was  a village and the importance continues to this day as the annual Brahmotsavam at Kapaleeswarar Temple takes place only after this deity is propitiated. There are claims, as indicated by a Sidhdhar, that this deity was worshiped by Aghoris (Ascetic Saivite Sadhus who engage in post mortem rituals).


Kolavizhi Amman Mylapore is near Karaneeswarar Temple.

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