Ekambareswarar Nanmangalam

Ekambareswarar Nanmangalam

Saivite Temples, Chennai District


Ekambareswarar, facing east


Kamakshi Ambal, facing south

Other Gods

Anjaneya, Ganesha, Muruga with consorts, Navagrahas, Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara, Bhairava, Naagar. Ganesha and Balamuruga at the entrance

Ekambareswarar Nanmangalam is a small east facing with 3 a tier rajagopuram at the entrance. The ceiling of the Arthamantapa here is depicted with of snake, moon and fish which are typically found in the ancient temples.

Holy Water – no information

Holy Tree – No information


Ekambareswarar Nanmangalam could be several hundred years old estimating by the style of the carvings and depictions on the ceiling of the Arthamantapa.


No information


Ekambareswarar Nanmangalam is located in a small road off the Ezhumalai road in Nanmangalam. Nanmangalam is about a kilometer from Kovilambakkam on the Madipakkam-Medavakkam road. Visit the nearby Neelavarna Perumal temple also.

Stay and Food

Nothing locally. It is advisable to stay in Thanjavur or Ariyalur. Thanjavur has a lot of very good vegetarian restaurants providing different cuisines. Ariyalur is only moderate in terms of food and stay and it may not provide the same satisfaction as staying in Thanjavur.

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