Malleeswarar Mylapore

Malleeswarar Mylapore

Saivite Temples, Chennai District


Malleeswarar, facing east


Maragathambal, south facing

Other Gods

Ganesha, Muruga, Naagar, Navagraha

Malleeswarar Mylapore  is a small east facing temple with a small 3 tier gopuram at the entrance. This is one of the seven Sapthasthana (Saptha meaning seven) temples for Shiva in Mylapore worshipped by the Saptha rishis – Adri (Theerthapaleeswarar Temple), Brigu (Malleeswarar Temple), Kutsa (Virupaksheeswarar Temple), Vashishta(Karaneeswarar Temple), Gautama (Valiswarar Temple), Kasyapa(Kapaleeswarar Temple) and Angirasa (Velleeswarar Temple). We understand originally they were all part of a single temple but in due course they have become separate temples.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Aswatha (Ficus religiosa) trees are seen growing together as a single tree


Malleeswarar Mylapore is a mid 18th Century CE temple.


This was once a forest of Jasmines and so the Lord here is called Malleeswarar and has been worshiped by Sage Brigu. Prarthan, King of Ayodhya, was in penance and conducted a Yaga here at Malleeswarar Mylapore for Shiva. Indra tried to sabotage his Yaga but could not. In praise of the intensity of his Yaga and penance, Shiva appeared before him along with his consort.


Malleeswarar Mylapore is very close to the Karaneeswarar temple. Walk up to the temple as the approach is very narrow.

Stay and Food

Mylapore has many restaurants including the Raayar Cafe (off kutchery road) and Karpagambal Mess (East Mada Street near the Kapaleeswarar temple)

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