Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore

Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore

Vaishnavite Temples, Chennai District


Kesava perumal facing east


Mayuravalli thaayar facing east

Other Gods

Separate sannidhi for peialwar, srirama, andal, chakrathalwar, veera anjaneya

Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore is a beautiful east facing with 5 tier Rajagopuram at the eastern entrance. There is a small entrance from the west which is sometimes open too. There is a large temple tank north of the temple. This is the birthplace of Pei Azhwar, one of the 12 Azhwars. On his birthday Prasadam from the Triplicane Parthasarathy Perumal Temple is brought here.

Holy water (Theertham) – Chandra pushkarini

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Pipal tree (Ficus relegiosa)

Vimaanam – Mayura vimaanam


Tirumangai Azhwar has sung hymns in praise at Tiruvallikkeni Parthasarathy Perumal along with Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore – “Maadamaamayilai Tiruvallikkeni Kandaene”. Thirumazhisai Azhwar has also mentioned Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore as “Neelotham Vantalaikkum Maamayilai”. The Azhwars lived between 5th and 10th Century CE, hence this temple should have been existence even before that period.


Chandran (Moon) worshiped the Lord here at Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore to be relieved from a curse. The Lord appeared before him by making all the holy waters flood here. By taking bath in this water and worshipping the Lord, Chandran got rid off his curse. The Lord asked all waters to stay back at Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore. Since all waters united and remained in the same place, it came to be known as ‘Sarva Theertham’, and because Chandran was eased out of his curse, it also got the name ‘Chandra Pushkarini’. Now, this temple tank is called ‘Chithirakulam’.


Kesava Perumal Temple Mylapore is located to the south of and near Kapaleeswarar Temple. It is advisable to walk up to the temple as the approach roads are narrow and car parking is not possible.

Stay and Food

Mylai Karpagambal mess is a very old mess providing excellent south Indian food and is a must eat hotel. There is a roadside ‘Bajji’ stall which provides excellent varieties of Bajjies (vegetable slices dipped in a gram batter and deep fried). Apart from this there are a few window eateries around the outer wall on the eastern side which are good for a snack. Regular hotels like Saravana Bhavan, Vasantha Bhavan and more are also available near by. A small shack shop near the Karpagambal Mess, called Kalahasthi Paper Mart serves a delightful Rose Milk.

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