Nanjundeswarar Karamadai

Nanjundeswarar Karamadai

Saivite Temples, Coimbatore District


Nanjundeswarar, facing east


Ulaganayagi, facing east

Other Gods

Vinayaga, Chandikeswara, Dakshinamurthy, Shanmuga (6 faces and 12 hands) with consorts,  Veerabhadra, Rishabandika, Palani Andavar, Mahishasuramardini, Anjaneya, Nataraja

Most of the temples in Coimbatore area are beautifully maintained, well funded and clean and Nanjundeswarar Karamadai seems to be no exception. Sculpturaly rich and historically old temple Nanjundeswarar Karamadai presents a beautiful picture. The temple is east facing with an entrance on the west through a 5 tiered Rajagopuram. The shrines are arranged in the Somaskanda form. A large temple pond common to the nearby Aranganathar temple is present west of the temple across the main road. The locals call Nanjundeswarar Karamadai the Madurai of Kongu Nadu owing to the beauty of the sculptures and similar to that 6 feet elephants are gaurding the shrine of Lord Nanjundeswara. Muruga, Yama, Vinayaga, Kali, Dandapani, Vishnu & Mahalakshmi, Chandrasekarar are all beautifully carved below the elephant sculptures around the sanctum sanctorum. Vishnu durga is present in the outer walls of all sannidhis. The sanctum of the Lord is believed to have been carved out of a single stone. The processional deity is unique since the full image of Ganga is depicted on it. Beautiful carvings are found in plenty here – Shiva a a hunter, Parvati as a dancer, Vinayaka, Kali in dancing posture are some of them. Several other carvings of animals, birds, fish, Machavallabha emerging out of a fish, soldier armed with sword and a goat worshipping Shiva are present. Miniature sculptures of Rishabaruda, Balasubramanya, Kali, Brahma and Lakshmi Narayana are also seen.

Holy water (Theertham) – Temple tank, Bhavani

Holy Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilvam (Aegle marmelos)


Copper plate inscriptions in Nanjundeswarar Karamadai indicate the grant made by Iswara Deva Raja, the general of Krishnadeva Raya (who ruled between 1509 and 1529 CE), of a village called Poosarpalaym to the Brahmins who served here. The original temple is believed to have been constructed much earlier but stalled due to invasions, the idols getting buried over time. Later Thirumalai Naicker who ruled Madurai between 1623 and 1659 CE came upon them while excavations were going on for the nearby Renganadar Temple. The work was then taken up again and the temple completed.


Once there was a fight between the Devas and Asuras as they chruned the Ocean for Amrita (Ambrosia). During the churning poisonous gases emanated they ran to Lord Shiva in his abode at Kailasa to save them. The Lord drank the poison which turned his throat blue as his consort Pravati blocked his throat – Neelakanta. Since the Lord drank the poison (Nanju), he came to be called as Nanjundeswarar here at Nanjundeswarar Karamadai.


29 kilometers on the Coimbatore to Mettupalayam road is Karamadai. Nanjundeswarar Karamadai is on a fork in the main road and near the Aranganayagar (Renganadar) temple.

Stay and Food

Coimbatore, Mettupalayam. Teashops and snack shacks are available locally

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