108 Divya Desams, Cuddalore District


Deivanayaga perumal, standing posture with Markandeyar and Bhoomidevi on either side, facing east.


Hemambujavalli, Sree Bhargavi Thaayar, facing east.

Thiruvaheendrapuram is a 108 Divya Desam temple on the banks of the Gedilam river with a 5 tier rajagopuram and 3 Prakaras. Opposite the temple on a small hillock called Oushadachalam with 74 steps is another shrine for Lakshmi Hayagrivar. Garuda seen here in a folded hand posture is rare. The Lord with his conch, chakra, four faces (of Brahma) and the third eye (of Shiva) is very rare and depicts the holy trinity. The Rajagopuram of the temple is on the river bank side on the west. The temple faces east.

Holy water (Theertham) – Sesha Theertham (well), Garudanadhi (Gedilam River)

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilvam

Vimaanam – Chandra Vimaanam


Mangalasasanam hymns have been rendered by Thirumangai Azhwar (8th Century CE) here at Thiruvaheendrapuram.


In a battle between Asuras and Devas, Lord Shiva was fighting for the asuras and hurled his lance at Lord Vishnu, who conquered it with his chakra and subdued him, returned the lance to him and then settled here at Thiruvaheendrapuram. Adhisesha, the snake is believed to have split the land with his tail to provide water for the Lord, hence the Theertham here at Thiruvaheendrapuram is called Seshatheertham. At the same time Garuda also brought water and the adjoining river running behind the temple became Garudanadhi (Later changed to Gedilam).


Thiruvaheendrapuram is about 9 kms in the Cuddalore-Panruti road via Pallur (State Highway 68). At about the 7th km you have to take a left, cross the river and reach the temple.

Stay and Food

Cuddalore has good hotels. A small hotel called Annapurna near the collectors office is our favourite.

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