Paadal Petra Sthalams - Cuddalore District


Pazhamalai Nadar (also Viruthagireeswarar), facing east


Viruthambigai (also Periyanayagi, Balambigai), facing east

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, Pancha Lingam, Chokkanadar, Meenakshi, Viswanathar, Sahasralingam, Ekambaranadar, Jambunadar, Annamalaiyar, Dhandapani, Navagraha, Nataraja, 63 Nayanmar, Nalvar, Dakshinamurthy, Bindumadhava Perumal, Mayura Murugan, Ilamainayagi, Gajalakshmi, Surya Lingam, Surya, 28 Agama Lingams

In Tamil the word Sivayanama consists of 5 letters. In line with that in Thirumudukundram temple there are 5 Gopurams, 5 Flagstaffs, 5 Nandis, 5 protecting deities, 5 Prakarams. The goddess shrine is seperate and faces east. There is Aazhathu Pillayar (Vinayaka in the depths) which is a seperate sunken shrine and you climb down to reach. Brahma and Agastya have worshiped here. In the temple’s name Thirumudukundram ‘Kundram’ means a small hill whereas no hill is seen here. It is to be noted that the earth here is only rocks underneath and it is believed that as an ancient hill (mudu kundram) this has appeared and sunk down in prehistoric times. The name Vriddhachalam means Vriddham – old, Asalam – hill. The Gopurams on the four directions are magnificent 7 tiered structures. 72 Bharatanatya postures are depicted in the walls of the 16 pillared Mantapa. As you enter you are in the Kailasa Prakaram which is followed by Vanniyadi Prakaram and 63 Nayananar Prakaram. Thirumudukundram is a very large temple and you require a lot of time to peacefully absorb and enjoy its architectural wealth.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Manimuthar (River), Agni Theertham, Varuna Theertham, Chakra Theertham, Nithyananda Koobam

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vanni (Prosopis cineraria)


The first person to develop Thirumudukundram temple is considered Sage Vibachithu (a festival in his honor happens here every year). Later Sembian Mahadevi and Kulothunga Chola contributed a lot to develop Thirumudukundram. Stone inscriptions reveal donations and services by Kandaraditha Chola, Rajaraja Chola I, Rajendra Chola I, Rajathi Raja, Vikrama Chola, Rajaraja Chola II, Kulothunga Chola III,  Pandyas, Pallavas and Vijayanagar Kings. Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar and Sundarar (7-8th Century CE) have visited and sung for the lord here at Thirumudukundram. Arunagirinadar, Gurunamasivayar (16th Century CE), Sivaparakasar and Ramalinga Vallalar are some of the others who have sung praises for the deities here. Gnanakoothar, a 16th Century CE devotee, has sung the history of Thirumudukundram in Tamil. Several literary and poetical works have been rendered for the deities here at Thirumudukundram.


It is mentioned in Skandapurana that souls that depart in Thirumudukundram are fanned by the goddess herself with her Saree’s top edge and the lord himself utters the 5 letter mantra in their ears and gives them Mukthi. The 28 Agaama Lingams here are believed to have been worshiped by Lord Muruga. Sundarar is believed to have let the gold received from the lord for his consort Paravayar in the Manimuthar River here at Thirumudukundram and taken it in the Kamalayalam Tank in Thiruvarur.


Thirumudukundram is in the center of Vriddhachalam Town which is about 20 kilometers from Ulundurpet and 60 kilometers from Cuddalore.

Stay and Food

Vriddhachalam has a few decent restaurants for food. Stay is not advisable.

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