Saranarayana Perumal Thiruvadigai

Saranarayana Perumal, Thiruvadigai

Vaishnavite Temples, Cuddalore District


Saranarayana Perumal with Sreedevi, facing east


Hemambujavalli, facing east

Other Deities

Panduranga, Anjaneya, Narasimha in a separate shrine

Saranarayana Perumal Thiruvadigai is an east facing that has been recently renovated and looks clean and beautiful. A 5 tier Rajagopuram is at the east entrance. The flag staff and the surroundings have all been refurbished recently. Perumal is seen in wedding attire here along with Sreedevi who was born as the daughter of Sage Markandeya. The unique and important feature here is that this is the only temple where you find Lord Narasimha in a reclining pose (Sayana Narasimha) with Goddess Mahalakshmi sitting at his feet. Mangalasasanam has been done by Nihamandha Maha Desikar.

Vimaanam – Nalinaga Vimaanam

Holy Water (Theertham) – Garuda Theertham


Saranarayana Perumal Thiruvadigai was originally built by Pallavas and recently rebuilt. The temple is mentioned in the 4th chapter of the Brammanda Purana written by Sage Vyasa wherein the glory of Saranarayana Perumal Thiruvadigai is told to sage Narada by Lord Brahma (as mentioned in mythology section below).


When Lord Shiva wanted to fight and kill the Asuras of Thripura he sought the help of Lord Vishnu who advised to use Brahma as the charioteer, Earth as the chariot, Sun and Moon as the wheels, the Four Vedas as horses, Mount Meru as bow, Serpent Vasuki as the string and Lord Vishnu himself as the arrow (Saram) to do the destruction. Thus his name is Sara Narayana Perumal here.


Saranarayana Perumal Thiruvadigai is about 3 kilometers east of Panruti on the Cuddalore road. There are 3 other temples nearby including Thiruvadigai. Refer our map for details.

Stay and Food

Panruti has a few restaurants for a meal. Cuddalore or Chidambaram is recomended for stay.

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