Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi

Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi

Vaishnavite Temples, Cuddalore District


Ugra Narasimha Perumal, facing west


Kanakavalli Thayar facing east

Other Deities

Ganesha, Garuda, Aandal, Rama, Nammazhwar, Periyazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Ramanujar

Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi is a large west facing temple entered through a 5 tiered Rajagopuram. There is an outer section with a 10 Pillar Mantapa and Temple tank on each side crossing which you enter the Prakaram of the temple. The single prakaram houses all the shrines and deities.

Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi is one of the 8 important Narasimha Temples in Tamilnadu. The others are Sholingur, Namakkal, Poovarasankuppam, Parikkal, Singaperumalkovil, Andhili and Sinthalavadi. Three of the temples mentioned above – Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi, Narasimhar Poovarasankuppam and Narasimhar Parikkal are in a straight line. The place is also called Abisupakkam which is now Abhishekapakkam.

The lord here is in Narasimha Avatar in his fiery (Ugra) form and in the process of killing Hiranyakashipu. The large idol is seen with 16 hands each holding an article including Sudarsana Chakra (Disc), Dagger, Arrow, Knife, Conch, Shield, Bow, Mace, severed head. The other hands are in the act of holding down Hiranyakashipu, tearing out his stomach, pressing down his head and holding out his intestines. Below Lord Narasimha are the wife of Hiranyakashipu, his son Prahalada, Sages Sukra and Vasishta. The specialty here is the presence of Yoga Narasimha and Bala Narasimha also in the sanctum sanctorum as small deities. Processional deity is Prahalada Varadar with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Jamadagni Theertham, Indra Theertham, Bhargava Theertham, Vaamana Theertham and Garuda Theertham

Holy Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilwam (Aegle marmelos)

Vimaanam – Paavana Vimaanam


The ancient name of Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi is said to be Krishnaranya Kshetram. Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi has been renovated and served by Rajaraja Chola, other Chola Kings and Vijayanagar Kings.


Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi is one of the above mentioned 8 temples where Lord Vishnu as Narasimha provided darshan to sages after killing Hiranyakashipu. It is considered important to worship the three temples which are in a straight line, as mentioned above, on the same day.


Ugra Narasimhar Singirikudi is 1.6 kilometers west of Thavalakuppam in Pondichery on the Cuddalore Road.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Pondichery.

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