Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam

Navatirupati-5, Aravindalochanan, Thirutholaivillimangalam

108 Divya Desams - Thoothukudi


Aravindalochanan (also called Senthamarai Kannan), facing east


Karuthadankanni, facing east

Other Deities

Garuda, Vishwaksenar, Azhwars, Ramanujar

Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam is the fifth of the Nava Tirupati Temples to be seen in one day. The Navatirupati temples represent the nine planets and Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam is that of Kethu (shadow planet, South Lunar node of the moon). Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam has 2 Prakarams and the entrance is through a gateway. The Lord is in a sitting posture in his Sanctum Sanctorum. The Tamiraparani River flows south of Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Varuna Theertham, Ashvini Theertham

Vimaanam – Kumudha Vimanam


Nammazhwar (8th Century CE) has visited and sung praises of this Lord. Inscriptions have been found here relating to contributions by various Kings.


This was the location that was selected by Sage Subrabar after much searching for an ideal spot to conduct a Yaga to propitiate Lord Vishnu. When he dug the earth here he found an Arrow and Balancing Scale. They turned into a man and a woman respectively. They were a celestial couple cursed By Kubera, the lord of wealth, for an inappropriate act of embracing each other disregarding his presence. They bowed to the Sage, paid respects, and went on their way. The Yaga went on well and Lord Vishnu appeared to bless the Sage and his followers. Since a Balancing Scale (Thulai in Tamil) and Arrow (Vil in Tamil) were blessed to revert back to their married life this place was called Tholai Villi Mangalam. Further, the Lord was requested to stay on here as Devapiran by the Sage. Sage Subrabar went out every day to collect Lotus Flowers from a beautiful pond on the north side of the Devapiran Temple. One day the Lord being curious followed him and he saw this beautiful spot. He requested the Sage to install his deity in this beautiful location and continue to worship him with Lotus Flowers as Aravinda (Blue Lotus) Lochanan (eyed), Senthamarai Kannan. Thus was created Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam temple.

Ashvini Devas who used to provide medical services to people, desired to receive equal benefits of a Yaga similar to Devas. They were advised by Brahma to go to earth and take a bath at the Theertham here and worship Lord Vishnu in the two temples here to get their desire fulfilled. They did so and Lord Vishnu granted them the boon of equal share.

Vibeedhagan, one of the sons of Sage Sathyaseela in the Himalayas was afflicted with leprosy. His brothers tried every medication unsuccessfully and sought Sage Narada’s advice. Narada said this is due to the act of stealing a cow belonging to his Guru, thus incurring his curse in his previous birth. The solution was to go to Thirutholaivillimangalam and have a bath at the Ashvini Theertham. Vibeedhagan did so, worshiped the lords here at Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam and Devapiran Thirutholaivillimangalam, and was cured.


Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam is 5 kilometers east of Alwarthirunagari. Cross the Tamiraparani River and after crossing the North Canal take a right. Go on for about 3 kilometers and cross the canal again to reach Aravindalochanan Thirutholaivillimangalam. This is the first temple after crossing the Canal. The second one is the temple of Devapiran, the first of the Irattai Tirupati.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest for stay and food is Tirunelveli.

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