Arkeshwara Madakondapally

Arkeshwara, Madakondapally

Saivite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Arkeshwara, facing east


Amman, facing east

Other Deities

Not Present

Arkeshwara Madakondapally is an east facing temple. It was being renovated and looked clean and well attended to when we visited in 2011. A deep and ancient temple tank is present to the east of the temple.

Holy Water – Temple tank

Holy Tree – No information


Arkeshwara Madakondapally is an ancient temple which had been dilapidated for several decades and has been recently renovated. The remains all look several centuries old.


No information


Madakondapally is about 17 Kilometers on the Hosur – Thally road. There is one more perumal temple here.

Stay and Food

Food – None locally

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