Gangadeswarar Thally

Gangadeswarar, Thally

Saivite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Gangadeswarar, facing east


Parvathy facing east alongside main deity

Other Deities

Ganesha, Muruga with consorts, Naagar

Gangadeswarar Thally is a small east-facing temple that has been renovated in recent times. The temple is beautifully situated on the banks of the large Thally Lake. There is a shrine for Anjaneya outside on the banks of the lake. There are some idols of Naagar, Vinayaka and a Nandi kept outside under a Peepal tree. There are Venkatesa Perumal and Naga Amritheswari temples nearby.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree – No information


Gangadeswarar Thally is an old temple that was dilapidated some years back and has been renovated in recent times. Some of the idols from the old temple are kept outside. Historical information is not available as of now.


No information


Gangadeswarar Thally is about 30 kms southwest of Hosur. Thally is a wonderful place with a good climate, nicknamed ‘Little England’. It is also possible to reach Gangadeswarar Thally from Krishnagiri via Rayakottai. Also, visit the Venugopalaswamy temple nearby.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest is Hosur.

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