Kalabhairava Krishnagiri

Kalabhairava, Krishnagiri

Saivite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Kalabhairaveswara, facing south


Parvati along with Shiva as a concrete idol behind main deity

Other Deities

Kalabhairava, Vinayaka, Gajalakshmi, Navagraha

Kalabhairava Krishnagiri is originally a Shiva temple for Lord Vairaveshwara. The oldest deity is the Shiva Lingam and the Kalabhairava Idol was added later first as a wooden idol and later as a Panchaloha idol. Kalabhairava occupies the main position in the Sanctum Sanctorum. The temple is beautifully located between lakes, the Anjaneya Hill where there is a cave temple for Anjaneya and Bhairava Hill. The well-maintained temple is housed in a single large and spacious Prakaram. As you enter to worship the lord from the south a long covered Mantapam is crossed followed by Vinayaka and Gajalakshmi to your left facing east. The entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum is covered in splendid gold plated ornamental work. Kalabhairava is in the center position with the concrete idols of Shiva and Parvati. To his left is the ancient Shiva Lingam which is seen through a small window in front. Outside towards the north are various idols and relief carvings of deities and chieftains. Around the Prakaram on the east side is a separate shrine for Navagraha. The large Sanctum Sanctorum has the Ashta Bhairava idols in them, two on each corner with their respective Vahanas namely Peacock, Parrot, Horse, Lion, Elephant, Dog, Swan, and Nandi. Nearby on the slope of the hill is a Shiva Lingam which is called Bharadwajeswara and also as Nandeeswara. We were informed that this lingam is believed to have been created by Sage Bhradwaja.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree – Aathi Tree (Bauhinia sps)


Kalabhairava Krishnagiri was built by Hoysala Kings who ruled Krishnagiri as per the temple custodians. A stone inscription kept here is said to mention this.


Soldiers of the Vijayanagar empire are believed to keep their weapons here and pray to the Lord before venturing out to battle. Kalabhairava is the family deity for more than 150 villages around the region and Kalabhairava Krishnagiri temple occupies an important position among them. Pilgrims from neighboring states visit this temple and there will be more people during the Raghu Kaalam on specific days.


Kalabhairava Krishnagiri is about 3 kilometers Northeast of Krishnagiri. From the bus stand take the road going to Maharaja Kadai and at about 1.5 kilometers take a right at the name board of the temple to reach Kalabhairava Krishnagiri. On your way when you cross the Anjaneya Hill take a look at the Cave temple of Anjaneya. After this hill is Bhairava Hill on the slopes of which you will find the Bharadwaja Lingam. Drive on further to reach Kalabhairava Krishnagiri.

Stay and Food

None locally. Krishnagiri has many hotels and restaurants, but if you are travelling we recommend the Highway for food.

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