Pithuveeswarar Manavarnapalli

Pithuveeswarar, Manavarnapalli

Saivite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Pithuveeswarar, facing east



Other Deities

Nagas, Nandi

Pithuveeswarar Temple, Manavarnapalli is an east facing very small temple. A small Dwajasthambam, Nandi and the sanctum sanctorum are situated in an open space outside the village.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree – No information


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From Krishnagiri reach Bhoodhimutlu and proceed to Veppanapalli. Then proceed further to Nachikuppam where the road forks. Take the right road which goes to Manavarnapalli and drive for about 3 kms to reach Pithuveeswarar Manavarnapalli temple. After the Pithuveeswarar Manavarnapalli temple is the more recent Someswarar temple. On the way back at the fork take the other road to see the Shiva temple at Theerthagiri. Visit the Bhoodhimutlu Ramar temple on your way back near Vepanapalli.

Stay and Food

None locally. We advise you carry essentials as the entire route does not have any major restaurants available.

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