Sangameswarar Beddagollu

Sangameswarar, Beddagollu

Saivite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Sangameswarar, Suyambulingam (self occuring) facing east


Not Known

Other Deities


Sangameswarar Temple, Beddagollu is a small recently renovated temple. It is  close to the Sangam (confluence) of the rivers Chinnar and Pennayar.

Holy Water – Pennaiyar Sangam

Holy Tree – No information


Sangameswarar Temple, Beddagollu is said to have built about 800 years ago but no record of the history exists.


The Lord at Sangameswarar Beddagollu is so named because of the holy confluence (Sangam) of two rivers – Pennaiyar and Chinnar, nearby.


From Hosur take the Alasanatham road and drive for about 8 Kilometers to reach Chinnakollu and ask the way to Sangameswarar Beddagollu temple or follow the map directions below.

Stay and Food

None Locally. Closest is Hosur

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