Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai

Gavi Lakshminarasimha, Denkanikottai

Vaishnavite Temples, Krishnagiri District


Lakshminarasimhar facing east in a cave below ground


Mahalakshmi with Narasimha

Other Deities

Nagas, Hanuman, Ganesha, Avatars of Vishnu, Yoga Narasimhar, Garuda, Lakshmi

Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai is an east facing temple with a 5 tier rajagopuram. The sanctum sanctorum with the main deity is a Cave temple. On the pillars of the temple are carved various incarnations of the Lord. At some distance outside the temple wall, there is a stone marked with lotus feet of the Lord. Until recently, this temple was not accessible. People used to avoid coming into this area due to the dense forest and the fear of snakes and wild elephants. But recently the place has been cleared and steps have been constructed to reach the temple which is situated on a hill.

Holy Water – No information

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The ancient temple complex of Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai was partially destroyed during Muslim rule, and was renovated with its new Gopuram and wall.


The Pandavas in exile from their kingdom came here and Arjuna is believed to have carved the deity of Lord Narasimha inside the underground cave here at Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai. Later a king named Dharma ruling this area found this ancient cave during hunting and decided to go inside thinking that he might get a prey. He saw the deity but could not identify whose image it was. He then went to Kanva muni residing nearby and told him about his discovery. Kanva muni visited the cave and using his mystic powers told that the deity was Lord Narasimha who had appeared in Ahobilam (in Andhra Pradesh) to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu and protect his devotee Prahlada. He told that the deity was carved personally by Arjuna and asked the king to develop the temple atĀ Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai and worship the deity.


Gavi Lakshminarasimha Denkanikottai is about 27 Kilometers from Hosur. From Krishnagiri you can reach Denkanikottai via Rayakottai or via Shulagiri, both vary between 65 to 70 kilometers. The Temple can be seen on a hill at a distance from the Betrayaswamy Temple. You can drive up to the temple.

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