Shiva Arittapatti

Shiva, Arittapatti

Saivite Temples, Madurai District


Shiva, facing west



Other Deities

Lagulisa, Ganesha, Kaali

Shiva Arittapatti is a beautiful example of the early Pallava Architecture. It is a rock cut temple with the Sanctum Sanctorum and a Mantapa in a single rock face. The Lingam is a carving in the center of the existing rock itself. It is called Idaichchi Mantapam by the local people. The temple is in the middle of rocky hillocks. A Sri Lankan who cannot talk, hear or see properly attends to the temple on his own. The Ganesha is a large bas relief in the rock face and so is the Lagulisa carving. Lagulisa is a form or avatar of Shiva and very few of these idols are found. The carvings of the Dwarapalakas are also great pieces of art. The Kaali shrine is a new addition.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Shiva Arittapatti dates back to the 7-8th Century CE having been built by the Pallavas.


No information


Shiva Arittapatti is a remote temple in a village caled Arittapatti. if you are going from Madurai take a left at Narasingapatti on the Chennai highway before Melur and drive past the TVS factory for about 4 kilometers to reach Arittapatti village. Park your vehicle here and ask for the way as the name board is not visible. From the village you will have to walk for half a kilometer to reach Shiva Arittapatti which is behind a rocky hillock. If you are going from Chennai towards Madurai take a right at Melur onto the Alagarkovil road and drive on for about 5 kilometers and take a left towards south to reach Arittapatti Village. The Sri Lankan who serves at this temple is a simple lone person and it will be nice if you can take something nice for him to eat! There is also an ancient Jain site a little away from the village.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Madurai

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