Saivite Temples, Madurai District


Thirumarainadhar, Vedanadhar, facing east, (Suyambu Longam – self occuring)


Aarana Valliammai, facing east

Other Deities

Chintamani, Ganesha, Muruga, Kaleeswarar, Viswanathar, Natarajar, Sage Vyagrapada, Sage Pathanjali, Bhairava, Manickavasagar, Sundarar

Thiruvadhavur is a large east facing temple with a large 5 tier Rajagopuram. The Lingam here at Thiruvadhavur bears the marks of the hooves of a Cow. Thiruvadhavur temple has 2 large and spacious prakarams. The inner Prakaram is surrounded by pillared corridors. The Goddess Shrine is separate in the outer Prakaram. There is a large temple tank opposite the Rajagopuram east of the temple. The main deity here at Thiruvadhavur is a Suyambu (self occuring). Saneeswara has a separate shrine here and is seen seated on his Mount, the Crow. Bhairava is seen here without his mount, the Dog. Thiruvadhavur is also the place where Sage Kapilar was born. Thiruvadhavur is a Saptha Theertha Sthalam, presence of 7 Theerthams, holy waters.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Vishnu Theertham, Brahma theertham, Siva Theertham, Agni Theertham, Bhairava Theertham, Vayu theertham, Kabila Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Magizham


Thiruvadhavur is the birth place of Manickavasagar (9th Century CE) who wrote Tiruvasakam. He was a minister to the Pandya King Varagunavarman II (c.862-885 CE). Inscriptions mention Thiruvadhavur as the place of Sanga Tamizh.


The lord is said to have made hear the sound of his Silambu (Anklet) to Manickavasagar here at Thiruvadhavur. Saneeswara, who was incapacitated by a curse from Sage Mandavya came here at Thiruvadhavur to worship the lord and got his ailment cured. Lord Shiva declared himself as The Vedas to Lord Vishnu here. Vayu prayed to get a virtuous son, Lord Hanuman here. Bhairava has worshiped the Lord here to receive his mount the Dog, back after losing it because of his ego. Surya worshiped the lord here to get his powers back after being cursed by Sage Brigu. Sage Gauthama has worshiped here at Thiruvadhavur. Brahma performed a Yaga (sacrifice) here at Thiruvadhavur called Aaranaketham. Goddess Parvathi appeared to bless the Yaga and hence she is called Aarana Valli here.


Thiruvadhavur is about 23 kilometers north east of Madurai. You have to the right at Othakadai cross Thirumohur and drive to reach thiruvadhavur. If you are going from Trichirapally then you can reach this temple by taking a left at Melur.

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