Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram

Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram

108 Divya Desam, Nagapattinam District


Thadalan, Standing Posture (Moolavar), Thiruvikraman (Utsavar)


Sreeloganayagi Thaayar, Mattavizhkuzhali (Utsavar)

Other Deities

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Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram is an east facing temple with a 3 tier rajagopuram, 2 prakarams and a temple pond behind temple. Lord Narayana poses as Thirivukrama with all his five weapons with his left hand extending up to the left foot, which is folded upwards.

Holy water (Theertham) – Sanga Pushkarini, Chakratheertham

Vimaanam – Pushkala Vartha Vimaanam


Tirumangaiazhwar (One of the 12 Alwars – 7th to 10th Centuries CE) has sung 10 hymns of Divya Prabhandham here at Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram in praise of the Lord. A debate between Thirugnanasambandar and Tirumangaiazhwar here at Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram is said to have gone in favour of Tirmangaiazhwar and he was presented a lance by Thirugnanasambandar, the event established stronger ties between Saivism and Vaishnavism.


The lord is said to have repeated his feat of scaling the worlds with his feet (in his Vaamana Avatar) for the benefit of Sage Romasa here at Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram. The Lord’s Darshan to Ashta Kona Maharishi is said to have happened here at Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram.


Tirukazheechara Vinnagaram temple is inside Sirkazhi Town.

Stay and Food

Sirkazhi has good hotels for stay and food.

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