Thiru Chemponcheikoil Thirunangoor

Thirunangoor - 7, Thiru Chemponcheikoil

108 Divya Desam, Nagapattinam District


Sri Peralulalar Perumal, facing east. Standing posture with Sree Devi and Bhoodevi. Utsavar – Chemponnarangar


Alli Maamalar Nachiar, facing east

Other Deities

To be updated

Thiru Chemponcheikoil Thirunangoor is an east facing Maadakovil (on an elevated platform).

Holy Water (Theertham) – Hema Pushkarini

Vimaanam – Kanaga Vimaanam


Tirumangaiazhwar (One of the 12 Alwars – 7th to 10th Centuries CE) has sung hymns of Divya Prabhandham here at Thiru Chemponcheikoil Thirunangoor in praise of the Lord.


Rama, in order to releive himself of the curse by killing Raavana, is beleived to have created a Golden cow on the advise of Sage Dhrudanetra and after performing the rites gifted it to a Brahmin who used the gold to build Thiru Chemponcheikoil Thirunangoor temple. Thus the name Chempon (gold) Sei (create) Kovil (temple).


Thiru Chemponcheikoil Thirunangoor is south east of Annan Kovil. Combine with the 11 Thirunangoor temples in the area. You can refer the map below and plan your route or take a guide with you from Annan Perumal temple and visit the rest of the temples. We have numbered them here based on a route perspective and not from temple importance.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Sirkazhi.

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