Kumaraswami Kumarakovil

Kumaraswami, Kumarakovil

Other Temples, Kanyakumari District


Kumaraswami, facing east


Valli, facing east with the lord

Other Deities

Dakshan, Kalyanavinayaka, Veerabahu, Veeragandharva, Ilayanayanar, Kasiviswanathar, Kasi Lingam, Manavidai Kumaran, Chandikeswara, Arumuga Nayanar, Sivagami Amman, Siva Lingam, Nandi, Sastha

Kumaraswami Kumarakovil is a hill temple which can be reached from the west and east by climbing a flight of steps. On the eastern side are a few Mantapams and a shrine below the steps. The temple is on a small hill about 200 feet high. A small gopuram is present after climbing about 40 steps. A large Maha Mantapam is followed by the Mukha Mantapam, Ardha Mantapam, and the Sanctum Sanctorum. The 7 feet tall idols of Veerabahu and Veera Gandharva are present as Dwarapalakas. The outer Prakaram is paved and spacious around which are situated Sastha and the stub of the Holy tree which has withered away many years ago. On the western side is another gate followed by steps that lead down through the western entrance. At the base of the steps here is a shrine for Daksha. Cows and Peafowl are kept in the temple. There is a temple tank at the south-east, inside the Kumarakovil Lake. The other name of this temple is Thiruveragam (Thiru Earagam), Malai Nattu Oru Thiruppathi, Subramania Sthala, and Kumara Kshethra. The temple is situated at the edge of Vellimalai (Velvi Malai) which is part of the southernmost part of the Western Ghats.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Temple Tank

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vengai (Pterocarpus marsupium)


Kumaraswami Kumarakovil is an ancient temple which has found a reference in Sangam Literature Thirumurugatru Padai by Poet Nakkeerarar and Silapadikaram as Thiruveragam. Various evidence based on geographical descriptions, names of surrounding regions, features indicate that this is probably the Arupadai Veedu described in Thirumurugatrupadai. Many also consider since it was part of Kerala, it was left out as one of the 6 important temples of Lord Muruga (Aaru Padai Veedu Temples). Some inscriptions found in nearby temples are said to refer indirectly to this temple.


Kumaraswami Kumarakovil is considered the place where Lord Muruga wed Valli, the daughter of Nambiraj, who ruled in the region.


Kumaraswami Kumarakovil is about 13 kilometers northwest of Nagercoil on the road to Thuckalay. Regular buses and mini buses of the temple are available to reach the temple.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea and snack shops. Closest is Thucalay for food and Nagercoil for stay. The Prasadam stall at the temple sells snacks.

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