Nallapulli Amman Morur

Nallapulli Amman, Morur

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Nallapulli Amman, facing north

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Nallapulli Amman Morur is a north-facing temple with a 3 tiered Rajagopuram at the entrance in the north. Before the gopuram is a beautiful large Trident, the weapon of Amman, followed by an Oonjal (swing) mandapam and a stone Dwajasthambam. The Rajagopuram has a mukha mandapam. Nallapulli Amman Morur is situated in a single beautiful, clean, and well-maintained prakaram. Huge colorful idols of the Kaaval Deivam (guardian deity) of the local community are at the entrance to the inner mandapam. The goddess is in a beautiful sitting posture in the sanctum sanctorum. The Vimaanam above the sanctum sanctorum is a tall and beautiful structure with 3 Kalasams on top. Outside is a large marriage hall. There is ample and organized parking space. The surroundings of Nallapulli Amman Morur are extremely clean, landscaped, and well kept. There are two more temples in Morur, one for Shiva and another for Perumal which are also beautifully maintained.

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Nallapulli Amman Morur is an old temple. The temple was renovated in 1589 CE by Thirumalai Atthappa Nallathambi Kangayan. He belonged to the Kangemudayar Community who were appointed by the Vijayanagar Empire and given powers to take care of the region. The Vijayanagar empire nominated Samalu Madhu Eagamun Iyyan Kangeyan as the first ruler who was then followed by Thirumalai Atthappa Nallathambi Kangayan. They had their capital at Aragalur. The lineage is presently called Kangudaiyar Zameen and has a first preference in many temples in the region.


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Nallapulli Amman Morur is in the center of Morur village. Morur is 7 Kilometers south of Sankagiri off the road going to Thiruchengode. Sankagiri is about 38 Kilometers southwest of Salem on the road to Erode.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest for food and stay would be Salem or Erode depending on your travel plans.

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