Renukambal Padavedu

Renukambal, Padavedu

Other Temples, Thiruvannamalai District


Somanatha Easwarar, facing east


Renuka Devi, facing east

Other Deities

Uma Maheswari, Vinayaka, Navagraha

Renukambal Padavedu is a large and very popular temple always thronging with crowds. The spacious Prakaram is entered through a newly constructed 5 tiered Rajagopuram. The outer Prakaram is actually the road around. Two separate sanctums are present. One for the main deity Renukambal and another for Somanatha Easwarar with his consort Uma Maheshwari. Renukambal idol is a Swayambu (naturally occurred) and only the head portion is present in accordance with the legend. Sand from near the Kamandala River considered the ash from the sacrificial pit of Sage Jamadagni is given as Prasad here and is considered to be very high medicinal properties. A neatly maintained temple tank is inside the Temple. There are excellent carvings here. Unlike other Amman Temples where you find lions motifs here, you see Cows. Even the mount of the goddess here is a Cow.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Kamandala River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Mango


Renukambal Padavedu is an ancient temple that has been developed by the Sambuvarayaras as per various inscriptions found here and in nearby ancient temples. TVS Group took up the cause of the temples in the area including Renukambal Padavedu and revived them to their present beautiful state.


Renukambal Padavedu is believed to be the area where the legend of Sage Jamadagni unfolded along with the birth of Parasurama, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Renuka Devi, wife of Sage Jamadagni on her way to bring water for the Yagna being performed by her husband got diverted and lost her mind in the Maya of a beautiful Gandharva. When she came back late the sage understood the reason and asked his sons to chop off her head. When all refused Parasurama obeyed his father, did the deed, and also chopped off his own hand. When the sage asked Parasurama what he wanted in return he asked for his mother back. The Sage asked him to join the head and body and sprinkle water given by him. But there were many other bodies lying around as Parasurama had slaughtered the washermen and women nearby who had come to save his mother. In his anguish and haste, he joined the head with the wrong body and only the head came alive. Meanwhile, Kamadhenu the divine cow belonging to the sage was demanded by a Kshatriya called Kartaveeraarjunan and when the sage refused he had taken it by force after killing the Sage. On the funeral pyre of her husband when Renuka Devi tried to immolate herself rain came and put out the fire making her head come out with burns and covered with neem leaves. Her body alone accompanied her husband. Infuriated, Parasurama set out to kill the Kshatriya and recovered Kamadhenu. In his uncontrollable anger, he set out to destroy all Kshatriyas and eventually eradicated the race, finally only subdued by the divine grace and request of Lord Shiva. Thus the Head of Renuka Devi alone is present as a Swayambu here.

The legend behind the Kamandala River flowing through the area is as follows. Renuka Devi who was born to a king waged a war with the disciples of Sage Jamadagni and was supported by Chamundeeswari who created a fire to destroy the opponents. Sage Jamadagni called all the sacred river waters to come into his Kamandala (Jug used for carrying holy water) and destroyed the fire.


Renukambal Padavedu is about 20 kilometers west of Aarani. You have to continue on the same road after cutting across the Vellore – Polur main road. Renukambal Padavedu is about 22 kilometers north of Polur.

Stay and Food

There are small restaurants, tea, and snack shops around Renukambal Padavedu. The temple is mostly very crowded and parking would be a problem.

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