Balasubramanian Nadagiri

Balasubramanian, Nadagiri

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Balasubramanian, facing east



Other Deities

Vinayaka, Sidhdhar, Uchipillayar, Anjaneya

Balasubramanian Nadagiri is a wonderful hill temple that is reached by climbing a steep flight of 165 steps. A large temple tank is below on the eastern side of the hill. At the base of the hill is a shrine for Vinayaka. A little more than halfway up is a Sunai (rock crevice filled with rainwater) and a Sidhdhar Cave. Outside this cave is an installation of 18 Sidhdhars. At the top is the east-facing temple of Balasubramanian with a 3 tiered gopuram at the entrance. A mandapam is followed by the sanctum sanctorum. Around the sanctum are the shrines for Vinayaka and Muruga with consorts. South of the temple at a higher elevation is the shrine for Uchipillayar with an ancient idol of Anjaneya on the way up. The view from atop is nice and it is advisable to climb up early morning or in the evening to enjoy the view.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Nagasunai on the hill, Temple tank below

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Kal Athimaram (Ficus talbotii)


Balasubramanian Nadagiri is an old shrine with a Murugan Idol in it, that has been built up in recent times. No historical information is available as of now.


Jayantan, son of Lord Indra, who was hiding from Asuras is believed to have been advised by Lord Shiva to undertake a penance here at Nadagiri and seek the help of Lord Muruga to overcome his troubles. Hanuman, Vamadeva, Sages Agastya, Vasishta, and Viswamitra are believed to have worshiped the lord here at Balasubramanian Nadagiri. Even today Siddhars are believed to be in penance here and their prayers in the form of Naadham (musical sound) gave the name to this hill as Nadagiri.


Vasudevanallur is about 80 kilometers northwest of Tirunelveli via Sankaran Kovil and about 38 kilometers north of Tenkasi in the Rajapalayam Road. Balasubramanian Nadagiri is 13 kilometers northeast of Vasudevanallur. On the highway going from Vasudevanallur to Rajapalayam take a right at Ullar and drive east to reach Balasubramanian Nadagiri.

Stay and Food

None Locally. The closest is Tenkasi or Sankarankovil.

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