Balasubramanian Puliyangudi

Balasubramanian, Puliyangudi

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Balasubramanian, facing east



Other Deities

63 Nayanmar, Durga, Kanni Vinayakar, Chikkalingam, Meenakshi, Mahalakshmi, Brahma, Venkatachalapathi, Saraswathi, Saneeswarar, Chandikeswara, Navagraha, Nataraja, 3 Vinayakas, Saptamadar, Pazhani Andavar

Balasubramanian Puliyangudi is an east-facing temple situated in 2 Prakarams. A temple tank is in the east of the temple outside. A beautiful Stone Vel (Lance) is installed in the middle of the street before the temple. The outer Prakaram is filled with shade-providing trees. The inner Prakaram is entered through a gateway mandapam followed by a large Mahamandapam. The inner Prakaram is covered and has cloistered mandapams all around. The temple has beautiful Vaahanams. The main deity is a small idol befitting the name of the lord represented as a child. In the shrine for Vinayaka are present 3 idols of Vinayaka together. The temple is considered unique as it has been constructed in the style and formation of a Shiva Temple with similar deities.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Shanmuga Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Arasamaram (Peepal tree – Ficus relegiosa)


Balasubramanian Puliyangudi is an old temple constructed by the later Pandyas as is evident from the architecture and the carvings.


A Pandya King called Pooliyan is mentioned to have cleared the tamarind forest here and constructed the Balasubramanian Puliyangudi temple in the Pudhuvai (Puliangudi) Sthalapuranam written by Muthuvidukavirayar about 400 years ago. Thus the name of the village became Pooliankudi and changed to Puliankudi later. Another version is the name came about due to a large number of Tamarind (Puli in Tamil) trees found here in the olden days.


Balasubramanian Puliyangudi is 15 kilometers west of Sankarankovil and 35 kilometers north of Tenkasi. Take the left before Puliangudi Bus Stand and take the first right. The curving road will lead to the temple. There is a small Narasimha Perumal Temple also behind Balasubramanian Puliyangudi.

Stay and Food

None Locally except tea shops. The closest is Tenkasi or Sankarankovil.

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