Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor

Subramanyaswamy, Valliyoor

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Subramanyaswamy with consorts, facing east


Valli, facing east

Other Deities

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Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor is a large east-facing temple that is situated below a hill. Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor can be entered from both the north and east sides. From the north side, a long corridor and a mandapam lead to the Mahamandapam, followed by the Ardha Mandapam and Antralaya before the Sanctum Sanctorum. The sanctum sanctorum of the main deity is in a cave at the base of the hill. The Lord and his consorts present a beautiful picture. Particularly beautiful is his diamond-studded Vel(Lance). Goddess Valli has a separate sanctum also here. Outside in the east are beautiful water tanks, one of which in front of the entrance is the temple tank. The temple tank is fenced and entry is restricted whereas the other larger tank is open, well maintained, and clean. Since the temple is situated below the Poornagiri Hill, the circumambulation of the lord is including the hill also – Girivalam.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Saravana Poigai (Temple Tank)

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Saint Arunagirinathar (15th Century CE) has rendered hymns for the lord at Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor. Valliyoor was under the governance of Kulasekha Pandyan (13th Century CE) and the temple has been in existence before that time itself.


The wedding of Lord Muruga and Valli is believed to have taken place near here on a hill called Vallimalai as per Kanda Puranam. Lord Muruga is believed to have struck the ground with his Vel to create the Saravana Poigai here at Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor at the request of his consort, Valli. The name of the town Valliyoor is derived from that of Goddess Valli. It is also believed that Muruga killed Theerthakasuran (brother of Sooran who was killed by Muruga at Tiruchendur) here. Indra, Narada, and Sage Agastya have worshiped the lord here at Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor. Lord Muruga is believed to have imparted knowledge to Sages Narada and Agastya here at Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor. Indra is believed to have requested Lord Muruga to be present here as a divine light beam. Valli is said to have been adamant by not allowing Deivanai (another consort of Muruga) to be with him and only upon the persuasion of Sage Agastya did she consent to allow her to be present here at Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor. The ancient Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor temple is believed to have been discovered by a Pandya King returning from a hunting expedition and he and his successors served to develop it.


Subramanyaswamy Valliyoor is about 45 kilometers south of Tirunelveli on the Kanyakumari Highway. The temple is below the hill inside the town.

Stay and Food

Om Saraswathi Bhavan in the main road behind the temple serves good food. Tirunelveli is the closest to stay.

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