Sudalai Maadan

Sudalai Maadan

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Sudalai Maadan


Pechiamman (varies in different temples)

Other Deities

Sudalai Mundan, Madathi (varies in different temples)

Sudalai Maadan is the Village guardian deity in all parts of Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Kanyakumari, and parts of Southern Kerala. The temples are numerous all over these places, most of them very small. In many cases, they have been built in memory of ancestors and are in the custody of the surviving generations. The most powerful and important temples among them are considered as the ones in Sirumalanchi, Pozhikarai, Seevalaperi to name a few. Sudalai Madan temples are mostly in the open, accessible to all and the deities are triangular pillar-like structures or stone idols. In some temples, the deity is under a roof or in a sanctum sanctorum.

Holy Water (Theertham) – None

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – None


There is no inscriptional or recorded evidence of the history of Sudalai Madam. But it is very clear that the deity has been revered by the Tamilians for several centuries. Sudalai Madan is also popular amongst some of the Tamil diasporas in countries including Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and some islands in the Caribbean sea.


Sudalai Madan is believed by some people to have been created by Lord Shiva as the guardian of cemeteries. He is the one who controls evil forces from rising from the dead and protects the villages and their people. Others consider their ancient ancestors to be residing in these deities. Kodai festivals are celebrated in these temples once or twice a year and are attended by large crowds. The devotees serve non-vegetarian food to him and sacrifice Goats, chicken, and pigs and offer it to him. Art forms of Thappattai beats, Kaniyan Koothu (Maguda Kacheri), and Villupattu are the main performances of Sudalai Maadan Kodai festival. Some people get possessed and talk to the deities on behalf of the people. The deities are fully decorated and through the possessed go hunting for evil spirits in the cemeteries.


Sudalai Madan temple are many. We are providing directions for 3 of them here.

1. Sirumalancheri – (google map coordinates – 8.44373, 77.63169) This temple is located off the National Highway 44 between Nanguneri and Valliyoor. Take the Venkitanathapuram Road going west at Dalapathisamudram.
2. Pozhikarai – (google map coordinates – 8.70134, 77.5545) This temple is located northwest of Cheranmahadevi. When you go from Cheranmahadevi towards Tamiraparani River Bridge take a left at Ramaswamy temple junction and follow the road to reach this temple which is nicely located on the banks of the Tamiraparani River. An arch is present before the temple.
3. Seevalaperi – (google map coordinates – 8.78551, 77.80841) This temple is located in Seevalaperi which is about 12 kilometers northeast of Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli. Take State Highway 75 which takes off from the bypass road near Palayamkottai. The temple is to your left just after you cross the Tamiraparani River Bridge before Seevalaperi.

Stay and Food

None locally. Just look for the nearest town.

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