Valeeswarar (also Brahmapureeswarar), facing east


Valambigai (also Brahannayagi), facing south

Other Deities

Ganesha, Nataraja, Vishnu, Balaganapathi, Vaali, Bhairava, Kalyana Vinayakar, Baladhandayudhapani,  Lingams, Arumuga with consorts. At entrance to shrine – Krishna with Bhama, Rukmini, Vaali, Baktha Anjaneya. Sanctum niche – Dakshinamurthy, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara

Valikondapuram is large and ancient temple with a 7 tier Rajagopuram at the entrance in the east. A deep temple tank with steps and corridor around is seen inside. Several old idols and beautiful sculptures can be seen here. Mantapas including Alangara Mantapa, Nataraja Mantapa and Kudhirai Mantapa are present here. There are three Nandis one after the other here – Baala Nandi, Vaaliba Nandi, Yavvana Nandi. Several carvings of Vaali can be seen here. the outer walls of the temple has a large number of fish carvings of different types, turtle and snake with crescent moon. Pillars with exquisite carvings are found in the mantapas. The Baladhandayudhapani idols is about 7 feet tall with the base and is beautiful. As you start entering the sanctum sanctorum, the lord deep inside through 3 doorways is a grand and unforgettable sight.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Saravana Theertham, tank inside the temple

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Maavilingai (Crateva magna)


Valikondapuram has about 130 stone inscriptions including ones from the Chola period relating to Aditya Chola I, Parantaka Chola and Rajaraja Chola. Arunagirinadar (15th century CE) has sung the praise of Lord Muruga here. Krishnadevaraya has contributed to the development of this temple. Some inscriptions mention the formation of ‘Merchant Warriors’ created to safe guard traders from here in their journeys across sea and land. As an important place for them they are also mentioned for Lamp Donations to the temple.


Brahma is said to have bathed in the nearby river and installed the Lingam, thus Brahmapureeswarar. Later Vaali of Ramayana is said to have worshiped here thus the lord’s name came to be Valeeswarar. The temple’s legend is also connected with Mahabaratha wherein the 5 Pandavas are said to have bathed and subdued their anger at a local king who cheated in gambling with Yudishtra. This they did as they were in the hiding phase of their exile.


Valikondapuram is about 9 kilometers before Perambalur junction as you go from Chennai. The temple is visible on the right side of the highway and you have to take a u-turn and reach.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest are Perambalur and Thiruchirapalli.

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