Kadalivaneswarar Thirukalambur

Kadalivaneswarar Thirukalambur

Saivite Temples, Pudhukottai District


Kadalivaneswarar (also called Vaitheeswarar), facing east


Kamakoteeswari (also called Thirukaappunayagi), facing east

Other Deities

Kannimoolai Ganapathi, Meenakshi, Chokkanadar, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Mahavishnu with consorts, Subramanya with consorts, Bhairava, Navagraha
Sanctum niches – Narthana Ganapathi, Dakshinamurthy, Lingotbavar, Brahma Chandikeswara, Durga

Kadalivaneswarar Thirukalambur is an east facing temple. There is a dried up and neglected temple tank in the east. A 5 tiered Rajagopuram is at the entrance. The goddess shrine, facing east, is separate in the north in an adjoining enclosure. The temple’s sacred tree is a variety of Banana which looks like the hill variety outside and resembles another variety (Rasthali) inside. These trees are believed to have come up on their own in ancient days and are not watered. They survive only on rain and ground water. It is said that banana saplings from outside do not come up here and those removed from here also do not come up outside.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Kadhali ( a variety of Banana – Musa sps)


Kadalivaneswarar Thirukalambur is said to have been built by the Thondaiman Kings whose dynasty ruled Pudukottai area from 17th Century CE onwards. It is also said that the temple was built earlier by the Pandyas and lost over time.


Sage Valmiki is believed to have lived here and this place was called Valimiki Vanam (also Thirukurumbur) and the lord was called Thiru Kurumbandanayanar. Lord Rama’s sons Lava and Kusa are believed to have borne here and tied up the horse sent out by Lord Rama here in the Banana Trees. After the reunion woth Sita both are believed to have installed the Kannimoolai Ganapathi here at Kadalivaneswarar, Thirukalambur. The hoof of the Horse of a Pandya king who was out hunting here is believed to have hit the concealed Shivalingam and blood spurted out. The hoof (Kulambu) mark is on the Lingam. The king became blind and was told by the lord in his dream to build a temple here to get his sight back. No part of the sacred banana trees here are suitable for consumption by humans as it believed to create skin disease. Even touching any part of the tree is avoided. The fruits are made into Panchamirtham (kind of jam) and offered to the lord first after which it can be consumed by humans. This preparation is believed to cure sickness and hence the name of the lord is also Vaidhyanathar.


Kadalivaneswarar Thirukalambur is about 45 kilometers south west of Pudukottai after Ponnamaravathi towards Singampunari and Madurai.

Stay and Food

None locally.

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