Neelakanteswarar Vedal

Neelakanteswarar, Vedal

Saivite Temples, Thiruvannamalai District


Neelakanteswarar, facing east


Soundaryanayaki, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Siva Subramanya with consorts, Navagraha, Saptha Maadhar, Naagar. Sanctum Niches – Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy, Maha Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara

Neelakanteswarar Vedal is an east-facing temple with a large entrance gateway Mandapam on the east side. Before this mandapam is a gate with a Temple Chariot stationed outside. A large tree-filled courtyard with a Lingam and Nandi under a Peepal tree is seen on one side. Facing the gateway mandapam is a Balipeedam and a Nandi Mandapam with a beautifully carved Nandi in it. Straight ahead after the entrance mandapam is an old wooden flagstaff and a small Nandi facing the lord through a Salaram (viewing window) The temple is situated in a single spacious Prakaram and the vimanas are tall structures. Entrance to the inner portion is through a door in the south and the shrine of the goddess faces you as you enter. There is a Lion mount facing the goddess outside the door. Inside in the mandapam before the goddess, are Saptha Maadhar and Naagar idols. There is a Mahamandapam and an Ardha Mandapam before the sanctum sanctorum.  The east-facing main deity is a long and slender Lingam. Outside in the Prakaram is a shrine for Vinayaka. On the northwest side is a beautiful separate shrine for Lord Muruga as Siva Subramanya with his consorts. Navagraha is in a separate shrine on the northeast side.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Neelakanteswarar Vedal is an ancient temple as is evident from the several inscriptions found here on the base of the sanctum walls, on the walls of the mandapam, and the entrance mandapam. The details of these inscriptions are not available as of now.


The name of the main deity at Neelakanteswarar Vedal is associated with the legend of the goddess stopping the poison he drank during the churning of the oceans in his throat. The throat turned blue (Neela) because of the poison.


Neelakanteswarar Vedal is about 18 kilometers northeast of Gingee. Just outside Gingee on the road going towards Aarani, take a right at a fork at about 4 kilometers and drive on to reach Neelakanteswarar Vedal. Neelakanteswarar Vedal can also be reached from Tindivanam by taking the road going towards Vandavasi and taking a left towards the west at Vellimedu Pettai from where it is about 15 kilometers.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest for food would be Tindivanam or Gingee.

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