Kasi Viswanathar Vaippar

Kasi Viswanathar, Vaippar

Saivite Temples - Thoothukudi


Kasi Viswanathar, facing east


Visalakshi, facing south

Other Deities

Suryan, Kanni Vinayaka, Muruga with consorts, Saneeswara, Bhairava, Navagraha, Chandran. Sanctum niches – Dakshinamurthy, Durga, Chandikeswara

Kasi Viswanathar Vaippar is a small east-facing temple with a small entrance gate on the south side. There is an entrance gateway mandapam in the east which is mostly kept closed. The sanctum and shrines are situated in a single prakaram. The Vaippar river flows on the east side of the temple. This river originates from the western ghats near the Settur Reserve Forest area and drains into the Gulf of Mannar near Vaippar. An annual event conducted on the banks of the river called ‘Manal Medu Festival’ near Sattur is popular.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Vaippar River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Kasi Viswanathar Vaippar is an old temple constructed by Rani Mangammal (regnal years 1689– 1704 CE). Apparently, some inscriptions on the base of the sanctum have been covered up by concrete flooring. There are several old pillars and idols that indicate the antiquity of the temple. Rani Mangammal was the wife of Madurai ruler Chokkanatha Nayak (1659–1682). After his death, their son Rangakrishna Muthu Virappa Nayak (regnal years 1682—1689) took over power and died early. His son Vijayaranga Chokkanatha Nayaka was a minor and Rani Mangammal stepped in as regent king. When he came of age she did not relinquish power and was executed in 1704 by the army commander. She is credited with the construction of many temples, ponds, choultries, avenues, and highways including the then highway between Madurai and Kanyakumari called Rani Mangammal Salai. Many of her constructions are still in use.


No information


Kasi Viswanathar Vaippar is 30 kilometers north of Thoothukudi in the Sayalkudi and Rameswaram Road. Take a right before Vaippar River bridge to enter the Vaippar village.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest is Thoothukudi. The roads in this area are generally without many shops.

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