Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar Vijayapathi

Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar, Vijayapathi

Saivite Temples - Tirunelveli District


Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar, facing east


Akhilandeswari, facing east

Other Deities

Suryan, Homa Kunda Ganapati with Rama and Lakshmana, Muruga with consorts, Viswamitra, Sidhdhar Paadham (foot print), Bhairava, Navagraha, Chandran. Sanctum niches – Dakshinamurthy, Chandikeswara

Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar Vijayapathi is a small east-facing temple located near the seashore. The temple has separate shrines for the main deity and goddess and two separate entrances with a single common prakaram. A 3 faced Vinayaka idol carved in wood is installed here. The shrine of Sage Viswamitra is unique and considered very important here. The pit where Sage Viswamitra performed Yaga is still seen resembling a Well. On either side of the Homa Kunda Ganapati idol are Rama and Lakshmana idols.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilwam (Aegle marmelos)


Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar Vijayapathi is an old temple that has been totally reconstructed in recent times. Historical information is not available as of now.


Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar Vijayapathi is believed to be the area where Sage Viswamitra performed penance to get the title of Brahmarishi from Sage Vasishta. While performing the Yaga he was troubled by a demoness called Thadaka and he brought the young Rama and Lakshmana to kill her. The spot where she fell dead is believed to be Thadagamalai a hill that resembles the shape of a fallen lady. Thadagamalai is about 32 kilometers straight northwest of Vijaypathi near Panakudi in the Western Ghats. Sage Viswamitra then completed his penance and Yaga successfully and received his title from Sage Vasishta. The Lingam he worshiped is called Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar and the Vinayaka he worshiped before starting the Yaga is seen as Homa Kunta Ganapati.


Vishwamitra Mahalingeswarar Vijayapathi is 30 kilometers southeast of Valliyoor via Radhapuram. Valliyoor is about 45 kilometers south of Tirunelveli.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest are Kanyakumari (30 kms) and Tirunelveli (70kms) depending on your travel plan.

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