Padal Petra Sthalams


Meganathaswami (also known as Mihara Aruneswarar, Muyarchi Nathar), facing east


Lalithambika (also known as Soundarya Nayaki)

Other Deities

Vinayaga, Muruga, Dakshinamurthy, Lingams worshiped by Vinayaka, Muruga, Sekkizhar, Nalvar, Sapthamadar, Indra, Yama and Agni, Gajalakshmi

Thirumeeichur is an ancient temple with a large 5 tier Rajagopuram. The imposing five feet idol of Goddess Lalitambika is installed over Sri Chakra. The Sun’s rays fall on the Lord from 21st to 27th of the Tamil month of Chiththirai (April – May). Another Paadal Petra Sthalam is inside the inner Prakara in the northern side dedicated to Lord Sakala Bhuvaneswarar. The Goddess here is Mekalambigai. This temple is called Meeichur Ilamkovil and has been sung upon by Thirunavukkarasar (7th century CE).

Holy Water (Theertham) – Surya Pushkarini

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilwa (Aegle marmelos)


Thirugnanasambandar (7th Century CE) has sung in praise of the lord here. Rajendra Chola and Sembian Maadevi (10th Century CE) have renovated and contributed to this ancient temple.


Surya, the Sun God, worshiped the lord here to relieve himself of a curse for despoiling one of the daughters of Sage Kashyap. A beautiful sculpture of the lord pacifying the goddess as she got angry at Surya for wailing at her abode to rid himself of the curse is seen here. Sage Agastya is said to have been initiated into the Lalita Sahasranama by Lord Hayagriva (a form of Lord Vishnu) here.


Thirumeeichur is 15 kilometers south of Mayiladuthurai on the Thiruvarur road. At Peralam take a right to reach the temple.

Stay and Food

None locally except a few tea shops. Closest is Mayiladuthurai and Thiruvarur.

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