Bakthavatsala Perumal Cheranmahadevi

Bakthavatsala Perumal, Cheranmahadevi

Vaishnavite Temples - Tirunelveli District


Bakthavatsala Perumal, facing east



Other Deities

Garuda, Yoga Narasimhar, Navaneeta Krishnan

Bakthavatsala Perumal Cheranmahadevi is an ancient temple and is under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India. The Temple has huge walls surrounding it. The entrance to the temple is from the west side through a large gate. The outer Prakaram has cloistered corridor mantapas on the west side and the entrance to the inner Prakaram faces west. There is a separate shrine for Navaneetha Krishna on the north. The outer Prakaram has a small Vinayaka idol under a peepal tree which has been kept by an enterprising individual who makes it a point to misguide you as you enter, taking you there first. The inner Prakaram has a circumambulatory cloistered corridor and the Sanctum Sanctorum faces east. A Mahamantapa, Ardhamantapa and Antrala lead to the Lord who is in a beautiful standing posture. The sculptures, carvings, and pillars are all wonderful examples and are worth spending time to look at. Sculptures of Apsaras in different poses, animals, birds, gods, goddesses, demigods, and devotees are seen all around. The vimaanam is constructed with brick. Some of the pillars are finely carved with lotus pedestals and Yalis. The Tamiraparani River flows north of the temple and steps lead down to the river.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Tamiraparani River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Bakthavatsala Perumal Cheranmahadevi was built by Rajendra Chola 1 (1012-1044 CE). Chola and Pandya inscriptions are found here. The inscriptions refer to this temple as located in Chaturvedimangalam.


No information


Bakthavatsala Perumal Cheranmahadevi is on the north side of Cheranmahadevi. The approach is from the Ramaswamy temple through the road that goes east. A name board takes you left to Bakthavatsala Perumal Cheranmahadevi on the banks of the Tamiraparani River. Coming back to the east going road and taking the last left will take you to the Ammainadar Shiva Temple near the railway track.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea and snack shops. Closest is Tirunelveli or Ambasamudram depending on your travel plan.

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