Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram

Purushothama Perumal, Ambasamudram

Vaishnavite Temples - Tirunelveli District


Purushothama Perumal, facing east


Alamelu Mangai Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garudan, Jyothi Anjaneya, Venugopalar, Azhwars, Jayan, Vijayan

Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram is a small east-facing temple with a single Prakaram. The temple is beautifully located amidst green fields. A paved road leads to the temple from the main road. The entrance is from the north through a gateway. A Mantapam outside leads into the Ardha Mantapam where 12 Azhwars and other deities are installed. The Lord’s sanctum sanctorum follows. In the northeast corner of the walls is Moola Garudan. The main deity along with the goddess seated on his lap are on Garuda Vahanam and hence this is considered as a Nithya Garuda Sevai temple. They are on top of Adisesha who is seen with his multi heads above the lord as an umbrella. The lord has 8 hands and is also called Ashta Bujakara Perumal. The hands are holding Conch, Disc, Bow, Arrow, Medallion, and Tail. The specialty here is that he has two conches and two discs in his hands. One hand is embracing the goddess and one is blessing the devotees. The idol here is considered a unique form. The Theertham tank has been overgrown with weeds and has become unapproachable, hence a well has been created for the Lord’s daily ablutions.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Mukunda Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information

Vimaanam – Indra Vimaanam


Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram is an ancient temple and evidence from inscriptions confirms its existence more than 500 years ago. But it is said that the temple goes beyond 1000 years. The evidence says that this area and the temple were where people used to live and later due to the flooding of the river Tamiraparani, which flows in the south, the village moved northwards.


Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram is believed to have been built by a local king, without progeny for a long time, upon the advice of his advisor, and was blessed then with a child. Indra, Brahma, Rudra, Garuda, and a king called Adhiravan are believed to have worshiped the lord here at Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram.


Ambasamudram is about 40 kilometers west of Tirunelveli. Purushothama Perumal Ambasamudram is on the south side of Ambasamudram town’s main road amidst green fields and near the Tamiraparani River. Thirumoolanadar temple is nearby but reached through a different road.

Stay and Food

There are many restaurants and a few hotels to stay in Ambasamudram. The food at Gowri Shankar is decent and so are the rooms.

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