Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur

Sundararaja Perumal, Veeravanallur

Vaishnavite Temples - Tirunelveli District


Sundararaja Perumal with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi, facing east


Sundaravalli Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garudan, Navaneethakrishna, Vishwaksenar, Nammazhwar, Ramanujar, Nigamantha Mahadesikar

Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur is a small east-facing temple with an entrance gateway in the east. There are 2 Prakarams both of which are enclosed and covered. There are a large Mahamandapam and Artha mandapam before the sanctum sanctorum. A large temple tank is behind and a small door leads from inside the outer prakaram to the tank. A mandapam is present in the middle of the temple tank.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Temple tank

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur is an old temple probably built a little later after the ancient Pandya period Shiva temple nearby. Historical information is not available as of now.


Sage Kashyapa was rewarded with the Darshan of the Lord for his penance here at Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur. Surprised at the valor of a Rabbit that took on the might of his hunting dog while in this area a Pandya King called Veeramaran became an ardent devotee of the Lord here and the village was named after him. Another version for the name is that Veerapandya Kattabomman who fought against the Britishers used to visit and seek the blessings of the Lord here at Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur and the place was named after him.


Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur is 29 kilometers west of Tirunelveli. In the Ambasamudram road, after crossing Cheranmahadevi, take a right at the Veeravanallur name board to reach Sundararaja Perumal Veeravanallur. There is also an ancient Shiva temple in Veeravanallur.

Stay and Food

None locally. The closest are Ambasamudram or Tirunelveli based on your travel plan.

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