108 Divya Desam Temples


Pavazhavanna Perumal, facing west


Pavazhavalli Thaayar, facing west

Other Deities

Manavala Mamunigal, Andal, Garuda, Rama, Seetha, Hanuman

Thirupavazhavannam is a west facing temple with a 5 tier Rajagopuram at the western entrance. The temple has 1 Prakaram and situated in about 2 acres of land. Pachai Vanna Perumal temple situated opposite is considered to be part of this temple and both deities are to be worshiped one after the other.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Chakkaratheertham

Vimaanam – Piravala Vimaanam


Thirumangai Azhwar (8th Century CE) has rendered Mangalasasanam here at Thirupavazhavannam. The temple is originally believed to have been built during the period of Medieval Cholas and has various inscriptions from the Chola period (10 – 12th Century CE) and Vijayanagar period (15 – 16th Century CE).


After slaying the demons sent by Goddess Saraswati to disrupt the Yaaga of Brahma the Lord stood here with blood splattered all over and hence the name Pavazhavannar. He is said to have given darshan in this form to Sage Brigu. The main deity is reddish in color. The Lord is also believed to have appeared for the benefit of a fairy Ashwini and Goddess Parvati at Thirupavazhavannam.


Thirupavazhavannam is east of the Ekambaranadar Temple and is on the eastern side of the main road after crossing the railway gate as you enter Kancheepuram town from the Chennai-Bangalore highway.

Stay and Food

Kancheepuram town has innumerable temples which could be combined as preferred. Refer our map to plan your day. Good hotels and restaurants are available.

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