Aadhikesava Perumal Pondur

Aadhikesava Perumal, Pondur

Vaishnavite Temples, Cheyyur Taluk


Aadhikesava Perumal with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi, facing east


Aadhivathi Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garuda, Anjaneya, Vinayaka, Naagar, Aandal

Aadhikesava Perumal Pondur is an ancient and mazing temple with tall Vimaanas. Thr location is inside a sleepy and beautiful village. The Anjaneya shrine is opposite and outside the temple. A tall 20 feet Dwajasthambam is outside. the entrance is through a large gateway in the east. The approach itself is nice and shady with cows tethered all around.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Aadhikesava Perumal Pondur is a few hundred years old according to the local custodian and the priests. No historical information is available as of now.


No information


Aadhikesava Perumal Pondur can be reached from Cheyyur by taking the Madurantakam road and then turning east into the Madurantakam – Chunampet road. From this junction, Aadhikesava Perumal Pondur is about 8 Kilometers and there are two ways to approach, both roads take off on the east – one about 3.5 kilometers and another at about 8 kilometers. Refer to our map below for exact location.

Stay and Food

None locally in any of the villages of this Taluk. A few restaurants are available only in the ECR.

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