Aadhikesava Perumal Kooram

Aadhikesava Perumal Kooram

Vaishnavite Temples, Kancheepuram Taluk


Aadhikesava Perumal with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi, facing east


Pankajavalli Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Chakrathazhwar, Andal, Visveksenar, Nammazhwaar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Ramanujar, Parasara Bhattar, Pillai Lokachariyar, Manavala Mamuni, Garuda, Hanuman

Aadhikesava Perumal, Kooram is an east facing temple. Adjoining this temple and as a part of this is the temple of Koorathazhwar, who was born here around 1010 CE. He became a devoted disciple of Ramanujar. The stone carving of Hanuman is large in size. The sanctum sanctorum has large stucco images in the niches. There is a deep, but dry temple tank to the west of the temple. The shrine of Koorathazhwar has 2 Prakarams. Outside one has a garden and the inside one is surrounded by a covered and pillared corridor on the sides with open space in the center around the sanctum.  This was the house where Koorathazhwar was born and lived with his parents. The idols used by them for prayers are now used as processional deities of the Aadhikesava Perumal, Kooram temple.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Aadhikesava Perumal Kooram dates back to at least a thousand years. Kooram is the birthplace of Koorathazhwar (1010 CE) a devotee of Lord Vishnu and also the chief disciple of Ramanujar.


Koorathazhwar was so devoted to Ramanujar that when the Chola King ordered Ramanujar to be brought to his court at Gangaikonda Cholapuram he impersonated Ramanujar and went there with another aged devotee called Mahapurna. He refused to accept the superiority of Lord Shiva over Lord Vishnu as desired by the king and debated with him. The angry king ordered the eyes of both of them to be gouged out. Koorathazhwar, in defiance, took out his own eyes saying it is a sin to even set eyes on the Chola King, whereas the soldiers took out the eyes of Mahapurna. On their way back to Srirengam, Mahapurna passed away whereas Koorathazhwar lived on till Ramanujar returned from Melkote and attained the Lords feet at the appropriate time. Koorathazhwar memorized the Brahma Sutras that were provided for their reading in a library in Kashmir. Though the King was in their favor the pundits did not permit them to take notes from the originals. Returning back to Srirengam he recited the whole text to the delight of Ramanujar who then completed his Sri Bashya, a commentary on the Brahmasutras.


Aadhikesava Perumal Kooram is about 4.5 kilometers west from the Chennai Bangalore highway which goes bypasses Kancheepuram. The exit to Kooram is about 3 kilometers after the exit to Kancheepuram from the highway.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Kancheepuram.

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