Lakshminarayanar Kaliapettai

Lakshminarayanar Kaliapettai

Madurantakam Vaishnavite Temples


Lakshminarayana Perumal, facing east


Shenbagavalli Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Aandal, Garuda, Rama, Seetha, Venugopala, Vishwakarma, Azhwar, Acharyar, Baktha Anjaneya

Lakshminarayanar Kaliapettai is an old, small temple recently renovated and well maintained. Many processional deities are present. An old Dwajasthamba with Anjaneya and Garuda on the side is in front of the temple.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


No information


No information


Lakshminarayanar Kaliapettai is 6.5 kilometers from the Chennai – Thiruchirapalli Highway. Take a right onto the Chengalpet to Kancheepuram road and take a left near the Government Horticultural farm to cross the Paalar river and reach the temple via Oorkatpet. You can also reach by taking the immediate right after crossing the Paalar River. Refer our map below for exact location

Stay and Food

None locally. Chengalpet is fine for simple food.

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